Label: Grandpa Stan Release date: 23/11/09 Website: Official Website There’s a haze that follows The High Wire. Not a reverby, Beach House/My Morning Jacket type haze, but a slight fuzziness that renders instruments indistinguishable from one another. Guitars are buried under what might be violins, or what might be an organ, or both for that matter. It’s surely beneficial to their sound. What might otherwise be derided as cheesy guitar pop is rendered mysterious by this obfuscation of instrumentation. ‘Odds and Evens’ is perhaps The High Wire at their most accessible. Built on the backbone of a loping acoustic strum, it meanders along for a few minutes giving off an aura suggesting a sun-kissed walk in the park rather than the another-evening-in-the-basement vibe that accompanies most shoegaze. This can be partially attributed to the woozy vocal interplay between guitarist Tim Crompton and keyboardist Alexia Hagen. Sometimes, you can tell two people were meant to sing together. Despite being endorsed by the purveyor of pseudo-indie bombast, Chris Martin, The High Wire provides hazy, shoegazy pop that’s reminiscent of Pains of Being Pure at Heart. And yet, December 2008 found them opening for Coldplay. Perhaps this suggests way bigger things for a band otherwise fated to the dregs of the indie music world. Rating: 8/10