“What started as a crush/became an obsession” for me and the band the Honorary Title: an indie rocking band that began with one man, Jarrod Gorbel. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, THT has been a favourite of mine since their 2004 release of the lyrically powerful and musically beautiful Anything Else But The Truth.

This past Sunday night, I had the opportunity to see them for the third time at one of my favourite venues, The Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA. Although, this time was very different from the rest, they headlined! The fact that they were headlining meant a lot considering these two facts: longer set, and longer time spent looking at lead man Jarrod Gorbel!


It was a perfect show, with perfect openers including The New Frontiers, Paper Rival, and Mansions (which all deserve a MySpace listen or something!) The set list flowed very nicely in my opinion; filled with the oldies but goodies, as well as newer songs from their most recent 2007 release Scream And Light Up The Sky.

Despite the fact that their were two incredibly young girls screaming off key to every song right next to me, I loved the energy the band put out live and how all the fans just let loose to every song they played.

It came time for their last song, and once they finished we all clapped immediately for an encore. Before their second encore song, Jarrod began to tell us that a few nights before at a show, his amp had gone out on the song he was about to play. “It was real! So I’m going to do it again.” He proceeded to play one of THT’s most popular songs, “Everything I Once Had”, completely unplugged. The show ended with every person in that sold out show singing along.

If you're curious, here is the set list from that night!



Cut Short

Untouched and Intact

Stuck at Sea

Points Underneath


Far More

Along the Way

Bridge and Tunnel

Only One Week

Cats In Heat

Anything Else But The Truth

Revealing Too Much


Stay Away

Everything I Once Had (Unplugged)