Label: White Label Music Release date: 01/11/10 Link: Official Site Buy Amazon The Horn The Hunt are better known as Clare Carter and Joseph Osborne, an electro pop duo located in Leeds. Raptor is the latest single, a prelude to their second album due to be released sometime in 2011 and is a well-crafted arrangement that twists and turns to create a funky haze of samples and loops. Driven forward by pounding, foot-tapping bass and wailing synths, Raptor is a poppier take on the burgeoning lo-fi electronic sound championed by bands such as The xx that can at times be waylaid and caught up in experimental showmanship. It’s insanely addictive but at the same time incredibly hard to articulate why. Whilst recognising that this might start to sound ridiculous and a tad contradictory, the best way to sum up this particular track would be to imagine lo-fi that you can dance to. B-side ‘Henry’s Out’ is a similar but darker variation on this, again bass-driven but with a more traditional song structure; less samples and bleeps and more keyboards and guitars. If this single is anything to go by, the new album in 2011 is one that should be hotly anticipated. Raptor is curiously fascinating, incredibly additive and has the happy quality of getting better the more you listen to it, and most importantly has a very refreshing feeling about it that’s hard to find these days. Photobucket