Label: Elleon Release date: 22/02/10 Myspace This is giddy and joyous pop from the centre of Massachusetts. The Hush Now have been around for a little while, quietly growing in power, and now unleash a full onslaught of twangy guitars, choral organs and magic numbers-style bouncy bass lines. The raw energy of each punchy little number is evident. However there is an unpolished feel to the mix which doesn't do the songs the credit they are due. The chaotic and flourishing guitars with inspired fills, messy-yet-tight drums and enduringly cute lyrics are undermined by the wonky-sounding vocals and the fact that the sunshiney chords are simply not emphasised enough. They're certainly incredibly endearing in spite of this and show all the makings of highly-practised and expertly put together pop. But at some points in the album many of the songs seem to blur together in a haze of exuberant sweetness. I also can't quite get past how nasal and squeaky the vocals can be. I admit to reading some other reviews of these guys and in the pop arena they do seem to be highly lauded, however I can't catch on to what it is about them that's supposed to be so darn special. I know, Tim Wheeler's inablity to hit the high notes didn't prevent 1977 being a classic evocation of lust, fantasy, and pubescent loneliness set against a devastating series of grinding unstoppable riffs. But as shoegaze-y indie-pop goes, The Hush Now fall far short of making any special mark, and instead simply lend themselves to a feeling of 'Have I heard this somewhere else, but done better?' Citing a large number of classic pop inspirations, there is still enough variety to keep your ears engaged and maybe even inspire a little pirouette or two as you wander around your room listening. Either way their debut is available for free online, but you might be better off with Mew. Photobucket