Director: Tom Tykwer Runtime: 118 minutes Links: IMDB The newest film by the director of Run Lola Run, Tom Twyker, has been compared to the Bourne series in its presentation of a “secret agent’s" hurried search for the “truth” but The International has none of the jumbled camerawork and editing that exemplifies that unfortunate trilogy.  Surprisingly well shot and framed, the film though, if one were to sit down afterwards, has enough holes in the plot to drive a whole battalion of vehicles through. A globe trotting look into how a multinational bank manages the nefarious affairs of various governments around the world, Clive Owen could only manage to look sullen so far until we wonder if that is the only note in his instrument, for this film.  Likewise, Naomi Watts, though good in every other film she has done to this point, looks wan and tired in each scene she is in, as an assistant District Attorney based in New York assisting Owen’s Interpol agent. To say that the script written by Eric Warren Singer does not make sense at the end is not even approaching how much suspension of disbelief you have to install into yourself in order to attempt to enjoy this film. The shootout in the Guggenheim museum however that frames the film is inarguably the best part of the International; inventive and brutal, as if Michael Mann or William Friedkin had taken over the reins of the camera for those ten minutes. Rating: 6.5/10