Label: Of Naked Design Link: A tingle up your spine, the hairs on the back of your neck standing up, the inibility to speak, the threat of tears and an overwhelming sense of joy. These are just a few of the things you may mention when talking about your favourite ever gig/concert/festival etc. As for the latter, there's not a great deal of bands I can list off for you. Maybe Mars Volta at Reading Festival in 2003 or Final Fantasy at Latitude Festival a of couple years back but generally the live performances that would warrant me to list of symptoms of euphoria hail from shows with four walls. Now, if you have the ability to time travel like some 25th Century Wizard from the future then I implore you to ignore the temptation to go see T-Rex or the birth of religion but instead, head to a sunny forest at Latitude Festival 2008 on a Thursday. Find the guy with the hat on and the dropped jaw and witness what he witnessed that night.My opening sentence will make a hell of lot more sense if you did. I'm indeed talking about The Irrepressibles, a band fronted by the magical Jamie McDermott and his NASA endorsed space music. Their latest offering is the delightful 7 track EP/DVD 'From The Circus To The Sea' which is a collaboration with the rather impressive film maker, Shelly Love. I can't comment on the film aspect of this project as I've not seen it yet,  but if it's half as good as the music that accompanies it I'll literally dedicate all my posts to Shelly Love! Seriously though. It's damn good. I've already listened to it three times this morning. Inititally I wasn't that impressed with it though. Sure, it had the qualities that I find appealing in music. It's epic, it has a cinematic feel etc, but I guess a lot of the subtleties of this EP will be lost when you're listening to it on your ipod whilst struggling to find food in the tourist trap that is Camden. Either way, I gave it another go and I was literally blown off my seat on a sea of strings. Why? Well it's just beautiful and when i say "beautiful" I mean it in the classic sense of the word. It's seven tracks flow effortlesely into each other to create a very special experience. It's no wonder Shelly Love decided to work with McDermott because his orchestration is just stunning. I really wouldn't be suprised if the film was based around the music because it's hard not to visualize something when you hear it. Around this time every year I think about my favourite albums of the last 12 months and every single time I put my list together some album or EP comes out of nowhere and steals the crown. I'm not saying this EP will do that but it's certainly worthy of being mentioned. Rating: 4.8/5