Venue: The Borderline, London Support Bands: The Joy Formidable, Kyte Date: 08/06/09 ‘They’ say that you should reserve your judgement until you have seen a band live in the flesh. This ‘They’, have a darn good point this time. The Joy Formidable, who I previously thought of as belonging in that 7/10 bracket – good quality indie and all that, but lacking that certain something to rise above that ascension point; though on the basis of this performance have clambered their way above and beyond this mark. In a typically packed Borderline, a disappointingly chilly summers night is forgotten due to the steaming temperatures inside, surely a contender for the most Sweat Produced Per Person (SPPP) at a gig ever. Before JF are the dreamy Kyte, an East Midlands based foursome that have supported many an established act over the past couple of years. Such is the unadulterated mesmerisation achieved by Kyte over the audience, you feel they would be capable of brainwashing you to join their own cult; not that you would mind with music like this on their side. Ambient yet powerful enough - think of a subtle Sigur Ros (that would be Mum then), the delicate, whispering vocals of Nick Moon are simply lovely, and accompany the electronica of Kyte superbly. A sound reminiscent of Maps, if they were to float out to sea on a hot summers day. Kyte On come The Joy Formidable; a polar opposite to Kyte, as The Borderline explodes to a chaotic mass of manic activity instantly. Lead vocalist Ritzy Bryan works the crowd effortlessly, audience and band on the same wavelength, feeding off one another. Cradle is a noise pop funfest, and latest single Whirring also gets a rapturous reception – both also showcasing a speedy shoe-gaze background noise which complements. By the time these two have been blitzed through, the perspiring crowd are perhaps in need of a break, and get it somewhat in the shape of The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade. It shows a contrasting side, capable of something meatier, more epic; the equivalent of a towering, satisfying doorstop of a sandwich that takes time to eat vs a quick, cheeky slice of cheese on toast; sure, both tasty, but with different effects. Give 'They' a listen next time. 'They' are sometimes right, The JF serving an enjoyable and energetic show, and with a little more consistency in their tracks, have the talent to become something quite seismic. MP3: The Joy Formidable - Cradle As a sidenote, this review is the first time here at The 405 a Sildeshow has been used. Do you like? Does it work? Prefer the old school style? Share your opinions, as YOU make The 405 what it is!