No verbosity, for a change. I will keep this as short as possible… EPIC! Ok! A little clarification is needed, so clarification I will beget. By the time The joy Formidable ascended to the stage the audience were yearning for something special. Never would they have guessed just how special it would be. Ritzy, the bands enigmatic and eternally pretty front girl with proficient guitar ability and a wonderfully infectious stage presence, provoked the audience to sway in adoration as her soft but powerful voice danced through their ears. The drummer, Rhydian, expelled silky bass skills entwining the melodies into a single voice you felt you just had to dance to, adding backing vocals to uplift moments into a cacophony of harmonic pleasure. But special commendations are handed to newbie drummer Matt, only two weeks into his welcome to The Joy Formidable he has settled so well into the bands performance the term ‘newbie’ seems not to apply. We at the405 wish Justin, the previous drummer, the very best and say ‘hello’ to Matt, a very worthy addition to the TJF line-up. Although the set was far shorter than I would have liked, the potency of their style, grace and exquisite music satisfied entirely my love for this band and provided a veritably elated fix before I venture their way again, which I hope to be in the very near future. The Joy Formidable are going places, so snap up your experience of them in intimate surroundings before the sky becomes too small to encompass their fame and followers.