Label: Self Released Release date: 14/07/10 Links: Myspace The Kipling Conspiracy, a three piece band from Colchester, Essex, claim to be inspired by “Earl Grey and Dr Who” but to listen to it you wouldn’t know it. Just some of the influences I can hear in this noisy second EP (free to download from their site at the top of the page) include 65daysofstatic, Battles and other such math rock/post rock styling. This is music designed to be played loud. Opener ‘I Suppose’ is a loud affair that builds through layers of intricate bass, math rock guitar into a steady pulsing verse before launching into an infectious chorus that will have you singing along after the first listen. This is followed by ‘In The Dark’, another finely crafted post rock tune complete with heavy bass and more sing along parts. Finally we have ‘Don’t Tell Me’, with even more fast paced bass, guitar and drums all competing with the vocals to make the loud, bass leaden sound that defines the band. It’s a free download, so why not try it? If you’re a fan of That Fucking Tank, Twinkranes, 65daysofstatic, Battles, Future Of The Left etc you’ll love it. Turn it up loud and have a listen. Photobucket