Venue: Cargo Support Bands: Diamond Sea. Date: 30/09/10 The Kissaway Trail are amongst the small minority of bands to have mastered the biggest faux pas in music – post-rock with vocals. In fact, only a small minority can so successfully lay claim to such a flawless union of ambient music and vocals. Aided by their Scandinavian ambient sensibilities, the Kissaway Trail return to the U.K following months of touring to demonstrate why Danish ambient art-rock is so appealing. 1252445972_0baebb7218_b Kissaway Trail Live - Photo: Steve Asenjo. Cargo seems an odd venue for the Kissaway Trail; its small size and intimate stage seems far removed from the bands brand of powerful, melodic post-rock. Yet, as soon as the Danish 7 piece spill onto the stage one after another, all seems clear. Set against the backdrop of a more intimate venue, the subtly of their music becomes more apparent; for the first time, the band’s unique take on English and intricate two lead-vocal sound come to the fore. In a world dominated by intense 'Arcade Fire-esque’ live performances, it is this rawness and intensity that can often be ignored. Needless to say, the band’s preoccupation with creating a powerful soundscape and presence is still clear. With plenty of intense crescendos, an army of musicians and one of the most impressive lights I’ve ever had the privilege to be blinded by, the band managed to fill the room with a true Berlin wall of sound. Even their heavy reliance on backing tracks could be overlooked after they launched into a post-rock version of the Pixies’ Where is My Mind - a match clearly made in heaven. The Kissaway Trail are the type of band that needs a big, spacious venue in order to give the epic performance their music dictates. This in mind, it is particularly impressive that they were able to utilize the intimate venue to their advantage, in order to create a powerful and unique performance.