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Australia's The Kite String Tangle's music straddles the often fine line between intelligent indie label dance and commercial unit shifters. This lack of self-awareness leads to something of an identity crisis - what is The Kite String Tangle sound exactly? Well, unfortunately Danny Harley never quite decides on the Vessel EP, which spends half its time lost in the skittering beats of IDM and the other half searching for the arms-aloft ecstasy of Ministry of Sound dance floor anthems.

In an age when electronic music can have the same lyrical potency as rock or folk ever has, Harley certainly does not seem to possess the proverbial way with words. Lead single 'Arcadia' tackles an issue with the potential to be a lyrical goldmine - missing the comfort of a relationship. But no, instead of some beautiful metaphor about the intricacies of a lost lover the main choral hook consists of "You were trying to make it work / you were sleeping in my shirt, Arcadia." Not quite the reference to pastoralism and harmony with nature that the title might suggest, then. An unnecessary abundance of "oh, oh, ohs" also serve to rid the track of any later lyrical saving grace, with the lack of memorable wordplay unfortunately a running theme throughout the EP.

The Kite String Tangle's inability to decide on a regular beat structure, vital when trying to craft their own sound, leaves the EP feeling like a collection of electronic songs by different producers but the same vocalist. While 'Stone Cold' has an unnervingly Disclosure-esque House rhythm to it, 'Words' sees Harley attempting and failing to channel his inner James Blake. It is only on 'Given the Chance' that both the percussion and vocals feel coherently self-assured and holds the potential to bridge the aforementioned gap between underground and mainstream. Whether this is the direction The Kite String Tangle intends to pursue, however, is a different story, as unfortunately this EP gives very little in the way of clues.

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