55, the debut album from New York's resident cool dudes The Knocks, is finally here. Their name is derived from their early days in New York when neighbors would knock on their door for playing music too loud. So if that "origin story" doesn't give you a glimpse into what these two dudes are about, give their Instagram a quick scroll. I mean - their press release for this album was designed after a Chinese takeout menu, so there's that.

Fans and those who have been following The Knocks have been anxiously awaiting this album for quite some time. 55's release was pushed back a time or two, but the wait was well worth it. 55 is the product of years of experience, creativity, and talent finally coming together all on one album, and the culmination of everything fans of The Knocks, new and old, have been waiting for. Although a handful of singles were pre-released as singles, listening to this album from start to finish shows this a cohesive work. The album is a story as glittery and eclectic as The Knocks themselves.

This album is fun. There doesn't really seem to be another way to say it. It's fun - it's everything you'd want in a party album. This is an album you could throw on a party and let play start to finish and there would never be a dull moment. The Knocks seem to have so meticulously produced an album that is the cumulation of what is popular in music right now. Dance, EDM, rap, hip-hop, house, and pop all on one album. This is honestly the album everyone didn't know they needed.

55 opens with 'New York City' a tribute to their home. For this, they teamed up with hip-hop legend Cam'ron. This track is the perfect introduction to The Knocks. It's a celebration of the city that made them. Everyone finds inspiration in their home, but a city like New York City - that's a city worth dedicating your opening track on your debut album too. It's emotional too: "When I watched the towers fall, but nobody takin ours, y'all," is the refrain on this open - truly a tribute to the American spirit.

55 is the blend of everything good about music right now, the a-la-carte menu that basically showcases the talent of two incredibly talented and creative guys. The love for what they do shines through on this album. And hey, The Knocks are probably some of the only dudes in the game big enough to admit they listened to their own album at the gym on its debut-eve. Doesn't get much more real than that.