Record Label Autonomy Release Date 28/06/10 Link: Official Site Buy: Amazon The Little Million come out of Sheffield, a city with a wealth of music history. There is the stadium rock sounds of Def Leppard, Britpop heroes Pulp, the 80’s synth sounds of The Human League and more recently indie hit-makers Arctic Monkeys. Satellite, the bands debut is a mixed bag with heavy guitars, pop chorus’ and string sections that keep the listener on edge. Album opener ‘You And Me Against The Universe’ bounces in with energetic power, drum heavy pop something that Biffy Clyro would be proud of. The next three tracks are the most radio friendly on the record, they could be a guilty pleasure but there is nothing embarrassing about these catchy anthems. They are not your average pop-rock songs, production is smooth but with an edgy feel to them. Where ‘Bring Out The Blues’ has punky vocals and a energetic chorus, ‘Falling Apart’ is soft and soothing. As Satellite progress’ you notice changes from the four piece. ‘Too Little Too Late’ and ‘Finger On The Trigger’ is forceful and huge. Walk Away brings back the bands pop elements before the rocky feel to ‘The Best You’ve Got’ and closing track ‘The Long Goodbye‘. It’s hard to put The Little Million in a box, you get a bit of everything in these eleven tracks that highlight the wide depth of their influences. Rock? Pop? Indie? Punk? I don’t know, you’ll need to make up your own mind but what I do know is these are great songs. Photobucket