Label: White Label Link: Sometimes timing is the key to having a great song. If your song is intrinsically linked with Summer, in terms of it’s vibe then you have to release the song at the right time or at least know people are going to hear it at the right time but for me I only just heard this song now and it just doesn’t seem to work.Recently I’ve been saying ‘not necessarily bad, just not that interesting’ (or something similar) quite a lot when reviewing the various albums/singles I get sent so please forgive me when I use it again to describe The Lucky Face’s latest single ‘Underneath The City Lights’. The music in itself is ok, it’s plods along as a reasonable pace and lyrically it’s not that bad too but it all just falls in the “nice” category for me, which makes it hard to really digest, let alone review.  That’s all I have to say really. Rating: 2/5