Label: Polydor Release date: 06/07/09 Website: The third release from The Maccabees sophomore record Wall of Arms comes, like the album, full of signature high-pitched riffs, romantic quips and an unquenchable energy. Opening with a clean bouncing bassline the exciting guitar melody quickly bursts the song into a celebratory jaunt and with new drummer in tow the rhythm section sounds tighter than ever. ‘One last push with all the strength of our soul’ is the opening vocal gambit of the achingly poignant frontman Orlando Weeks which follows the thematic style of the singers writing style. Sounding ever so slightly sweet and heartfelt, more so with each song they write. This song, unlike ‘Colour it in’ material, follows the formula of a somewhat progressive style. With all sections pushing and building for an eventual and familiar accent this allows each instrument an individual hook of its own. As with the album, produced by Markus Dravs (Bjork, Coldplay, Arcade Fire's Neon Bible) , this song slowly builds and progress through multiple layers containing careful blends of soft-cheeked romantic devotions to climactic sing along chants. With their anthemic approach to songwriting and recording you almost feel part of the unity that is clearly evident from the band. What set this band apart from the rest of the mindless indie drones that fall by the waist side or blend into obscurity is that they have the potential to last. They never fail to produce records or live shows that aren’t intimately inclusive yet exuberant and life affirming. Their most definite love that they have for what they do comes across on record and even more so from a stage. With such heartfelt and complete material The Maccabees gold paved road to success and the growth that comes from that is worth taking note of. The single comes with an alternate version with a full brass bad and they have just recently done a hilariously brilliant cover of Black Eyed Peas ‘Boom Boom Pow’ for Radio 1’s live lounge. Rating: 8/10