I've been going through a bit of a musical drought lately; nothing has really caught my attention beyond being "pretty good" which in this line of profession can be very discouraging. But after giving The Model's "What Does It Look Like I'm Doing?" a couple of spins I finally found something I wanted to hear more of, and Justin at rephlektor inkorporated was nice enough to provide me with the full album, "Physical". I actually agree with the press release when they say that five out of the ten songs on the album could easily be hit material; "Physical" is pretty much jam-packed with catchy electro rock that echoes 80's disco as well as more modern beats. Granted that it's hardly an innovative sound, but Markie, Ziggy, Jason and Johnny obviously seem to know what they're doing as the the whole album was written, produced and performed by them. Fans of old as new electronica will surely have no problem adding The Model to their playlists. "Physical" will be out November 18 on Playloop Records.