Tonight was supposed to be a triple bill, headlined by the very fine Peepholes, but they had to pull out at short notice and it was left to Blood Music and The Murder Act to do the honours.

Blood Music are new to me, but comprise members of Bo Ningen and Xaviers amongst others. They are a three-piece who are digging deep into the past of psychedelic rock and trying to create their own groove. They start with a pleasant drone which gives way to some krautrock style repetition. Their songs with feature vocals also hark back to garage-y psychedelic bands like Loop and A Place to Bury Strangers and the final song has a few time changes and rambling lyrics not unlike Can or The Velvet Underground.

Unfortunately The Murder Act suffer from technical problems tonight and it seems they cut their set short. Their vocalist looks androgynous with his high heels and incredibly skinny black jeans but when he starts to sing he does so in a baritone. He is backed up by a wall of sound created by the guitars and keys which manages to fill the corners of this almost empty venue, and the hugely impressive drumming just underlines their powerful presence.

Inevitably they will get compared to the Sisters of Mercy, The Nephilim and Joy Division because of the vocal but in reality with that edgy guitar and those driving rhythms they resemble a tasty hyrid of Bauhaus and Factory Floor. They get frustrated and call it a night, only to return for a bit more improvised noise to show they weren't totally defeated by the gremlins.

If Peepholes has shown up this would have been a cracking triple bill, as it was we saw two promising bands doing their best to interest a very small crowd.