The Naked and Famous are a little like The Kills: a cool looking boy/girl duo with a wicked cool band name.  Also like The Kills, they play pop music with a little bit of dirt and a whole lot of rhythm.  But The Naked and Famous know how to mix things up, which makes their recent ‘This Machine’ EP so much the better. There are only six tracks on the EP, but everything’s here.  Hypnotic hand claps and tambourines (Kill the Little Black Dots), shoegaze-esque melodies (Part One) and upbeat acoustic pop (Serenade).  ‘This Machine’ demands multiple listens, if only so you can try to grasp what you’re listening to.  The Naked and Famous seem to get impatient, and no one sound is drawn out for any length of time: rather, a whole bunch of different ideas are crammed into six tracks and under twenty minutes. This might sound messy and distracting, but it’s actually quite exciting.  Young bands that can mess around with so many different sounds and still end up with a tight and cohesive record are pretty hard to come by, and this alone makes The Naked and Famous worth a spin. Download: The Naked and Famous - 'Kill The Little Black Dots' Buy 'This Machine' The Naked and Famous Myspace