The Narcoleptic Dancers are the camera shy Franco-Dutch duo Anton Louis Jr and the aptly named Melody Van Kappers. They are half brother and sister who were reconciled through the death of their father, Johnny Van Kappers, a well know Dutch footballer. Their rather brilliant name is a tribute to their late father who was nicknamed the narcoleptic dancer for his effortless dribbling ability. It's also a perfect name for the duo as their songs drift effortlessly through their new album Never Sleep weaving dazzling patterns that leave you chasing your own shadow.

Never Sleep is the sort of album that would sound perfect accompanying a light hearted Parisian rom com about a cute 20 something student starring Nathalie Portman. It's acoustic guitars, bontempi organ flourishes and vocals sweeter than a warehouse full of honey have quirky young woman about town stamped all over them. It's exactly what you'd expect from a duo so cuddly they make the Carpenters sound like a death metal band.

At their best Anton and Melody serve up the bright and breezy bubblegum pop he Cardigans used to churn out in their sleep. 'Raustakraut' will have you bouncing around the bedroom singing into a hairbrush. Well it will if you're at the age when sleepovers and midnight feasts are the closest you'll get to living on the edge. It's ear candy for pre-teens. 'Life Goes On' sounds like Blur's 'Coffee & Tea' served up in bone china cups by the cast of Juno.

At it's worst Never Sleep is bland, tasteless and utterly disposable. 'Again and Again' and 'Little Clown' are instantly forgettable, amnesia inducing tracks that flit by without leaving a trace they ever existed. As a diligent reviewer I've listened to them numerous times and still couldn't tell you what they sound like.

There is just not enough variety on the album to sustain interest all the way through. The one track that breaks free of the cutesy Moldy Peaches lite chains is the wonky Dusty Cowboy. It's also the best track on the album and points the way for the Narcoleptic Dancers future direction.

Never Sleep is inoffensive, unchallenging stuff that appeals in short doses but over a whole album becomes a little annoying, a little cloying. Thirteen tracks so sickly sweet they should come with a warning for diabetics, so cute they could soundtrack a 6 year old girls birthday party. At the end of the album it feels like you've been force fed sugar coated candyfloss. The Narcoleptic Dancers prove that you can have too much of a good thing.