Label: 4AD Release date: 22/11/10 Link: Myspace Brooklyn-based The National’s latest single is a reworked version of High Violet opener ‘Terrible Love‘. Despite losing much of the momentum of the original, it is still a beautiful, slightly stripped back version: Matt Berninger’s deep voice is rendered more exposed, with the distortion and reverberation of the guitars and keys on the original paving way for a more orchestral affair, with a greater layering of violins, bells and a harp. The single adaptation is not as overtly dramatic as its album counterpart, and although the extra guitars and layers of piano over the beginning of the album version are lost, the drumming takes on a more prominent role, adding more volume, especially as the song gains momentum towards the end. While the drums maintain the song’s pace, it misses much of the brutal crashing that forms the climax of the original. This lack of pinnacle makes this version 20 seconds shorter than its initial incarnation, yet in its own entity as a single it loses nothing of the album opener’s pace or beauty. Although ‘Terrible Love’ is ultimately not actually that different to the original, this alternative, simpler edition is a complementary extension of the band’s latest album, and is certainly a must-have song for fans of the band. Photobucket