Label: Different Smoke Release date: 20/07/09 Website: MySpace Just 4 tracks long, this EP is a decent effort from Welsh rockers The New 1920, despite having one of the least memorable band names I've ever had to recall. The mosh-able rock of the opening 'Come Around' reminds of bands like Lostprophets: probably not coincidentally, Ian Watkins of Lostprophets did have a hand in the production of the EP. The best track 'Amber Gambler' is more punk or pop, sounding like Ash on a heavy day. The call-and-response chants of 'Head For The Exit' are quite catchy and insist on listener participation. The acoustic final track, 'Keep On', is a sweet little love song, mildly miserable ("I can't take a drink these days and even food is a drill") but nice to have on in the background. All of the choruses are vaguely memorable, and the EP is slickly produced for a powerful but polished sound. This will charm anyone who likes the modern wave of pop-punk or pop-rock which seems to dominate the rock radio stations of today (AKA the fans of the scene My Chemical Romance kick-started). However, it is hard to see how The New 1920 are any different from any of the other bands on their scene, with similar vocal harmonies, similar song structures and similar lyrics to many of the here-today-gone-tomorrow bands which are played back to back on Kerrang! TV. With the choruses and catchy tunes in this EP, I don't doubt that The New 1920 are heading somewhere good, and may stay there for a reasonable amount of time. Well, for as long as it takes for this generation of young teenagers to grow up. It's pretty good, but I wouldn't listen to it again. Rating: 6/10