Label: Bloodbank Records Release date: 16/11/2009 Website: Were you sad about Hope Of The States abruptly breaking up a few years ago? Well, don’t fret about it for much longer, because The Northwestern, the new-ish band from States main man Sam Herilhy and drummer Simon Jones are finally putting out their first EP. Ghostrock is literally the least surprising thing you will ever hear, following the trend of Hope Of The States morphing from a strongly post-rock influenced indie rock band in to a vaguely post-rock tinged post-punk band. Featuring little to none of the extra-curricular instruments the former UK favourites employed, The Northwestern play incredibly accomplished, but also incredibly standard three minute poppy post-punk tunes. Although ‘What Did I Do’ features the odd blast of horns, and ‘House Of Bees’ has a wailing organ intro, things are very much guitar based, with catchy, thumping drum beats and weighty bass grooves. You’ve heard it all before, but it’s rare to hear it done this well, and without such a forced accent. Although it’s far from the standard of Hope Of The States at their peak, Ghostrock still has a very familiar sound that focuses on doing one thing very well and, as a result, never reaches any dizzying highs or dismal lows. A pretty good re-start. Rating: 6/10