Label: Self-released Release date: 17/07/09 (Tentative) Website: Brace yourselves ambient folk pop fans! One of Canada's finest new outfits are about to release their fresh debut album unto the world. We recently covered the O'Darling in a Radar feature, as they grabbed our attention with their charming and heart warming arrangements, showing their great talents on A Nice EP. This new album of theirs is a continuation of those endearing abilities that they first displayed. It carries a theme of escape and progressing to secluded, and naturally beautiful destinations, away from the bitter hostility and fear mongering that mainstream societies force on us. The opening track, 'Venture Song', has the pace of a train, provoking those feelings of leaving a city and seeing fields, and trees creep up on the horizon, which signifies where the album is heading, as well as summarising what you will be in for if you keep listening. Again, the track, 'Altostratus', the pace of which throughout drops and picks up in the chorus with the simple lyrics, "Run through the woods with the animals", appeals to the desire to fantasize and disassociate oneself with a normal life. More than anything it's the constant tranquility possessed by the album that makes it a beautiful listen. It's brought about by the gentle brass, piano, soaring extraordinary voices and connotation sound effects such as the flickering and reeling of what sounds like an old slide projector in 'City Part 1'. The O'Darling inspire dreams of natural imagery, and listening to their first album is an experience that strips away the elements of a pressurising, cynical modern world. Rating: 8/10