Label: Bad Sneakers Link: I've never started a review with a video before but screw it, lets go for it! If that doesn't make you smile from ear to ear then I suggest you stop reading now. I really detest their name but god damn do they kick out the jams. They sort of remind me of a British version of The Black Keys, though a few of the songs on the record are either a) Heavier b) Acoustic or c)Not at all Bluesy. So I guess you could say that comparision is based more on the fact that they share the same 'two person' set up. Don't worry, I won't be going down the White Stripes route here. To me they sound more like Howlin Rain if they slept with Frogstomp era Sliverchair and occasionally snorted the Black Keys' cocaine. The lighter songs on this record like 'Your Girlfriend Is A Drug Addict' and 'You knew I Had A Darkness In Me' are lost on me after hearing just how fantastic they are when they go for it, like on the awesome 'Thing's To Come'. (A lot of weak reviewers would now put in a cheap pun like "and with songs like that, this band are surely one of the GOOD things to come'. I won't though.) EIther way, this album is really good and will get you rocking like a mental patient in an insane asylum in less than 2 minutes. I guarantee it. Rating: 7.5/10