If I ever had to relive my horrible prom experience, Kip Berman and his gang would have to tag along too. Forget a DJ! The Pains of Being Pure at Heart is the band to play at a school dance. Not to sound like I'm insulting the talent and underrated appreciation for these guys, but what this band has accomplished has the rejoicement of teen angst written all over what they represent and portray. There's a reason why I fell in love with 80's music and never get tired of listening to Jesus & Mary Chainor The Radio Dept. Pains has captured the only excuse to be stuffed in a crowd, dancing side by side with strangers and to fixate your only two eyes to the god-like front man. Though one of the highlights of the night would've been Twin Shadow as a supporting act, George Lewis couldn't make it and instead the local Watermarks stepped in and Pains acted as two bands that night, which was more than anyone could ask for.

To continue with a similar punk theme, in a sense for their lyrics, The Watermarks were surprisingly a great pair with Pains. I hate to admit that I'm somewhat of an outsider when it comes to knowing local Houston talent, but these guys were great. It was also nice to see a mimic of some sort with the aesthetic between the two bands. Each had one female member who had the right side of the stage all to themselves and garnered much attention from the audience. When Pains took over, I was glad to see the overwhelmingly great turnout as Warpaint was playing upstairs.

Obnoxious but sincere remarks were shouted at Kip and his band throughout the night; all taken in with a good laugh and Kip made conversation and jokes about our football team and the hot weather. From start to finish, the crowd kept their feet moving and danced continuously through an extended encore. Some great new tracks like 'Belong' and 'My Terrible Friend' were standouts and oldies like 'Higher than the Stars' and 'Everything with You' received an undying applause.

It was that perfect Friday night and as I looked around the room I gathered everyone's expressions, it felt like these guys either made you want to stay young or be young forever. It was the first time in Houston for Pains but hopefully not their last as Kip had talked about his knowledge of the history of the town and keyboardist Peggy sampled a southern staple of crawfish. The most pivotal part of the night was midway through their set, when in between songs I hear, ".. and this song's about ejaculation!" and the crowd goes wild. That sums it up for sure.