Venue: Heaven, London Date: 29/07/10 Link: Official Site So, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart only have one full-length album? That seems an unlikely fact to the casual-fan given the sheer volume and indeed quality of perfect pop-hits that the Brooklyn-babes display tonight. It just seems onslaught at times. The BP oil spill ain’t got jack on them. Relatively new London-gigging venue Heaven is the host for the eve's show, which has established a reputation for having a luscious, rich soundsystem, and this works in the favour of TPOBPAH; the thick shoegaze sound makes the listener feel like that they could dive in and have a swim. Tonight they sound not too dissimilar to that of their record, and this is by no means a negative. No gimmicks, just excellent music – though a pessimist may argue a lack of stage presence. This Love Is Fucking Right gets the night off to an immediate and rollicking start followed by first EP fav 103, and before you know it we’re three songs in with Young Adult Fiction and barely five minutes have passed. In this respect the whole set does perhaps feel a tad short – but it would be a foolish person who could claim that they’d be short-changed. Monster melodies such as the crafted gusto of Come Saturday have the audience ‘Ooo-inng’ and ‘Ahhh-ing’ in the right places as you’d expect, but it’s Everything With You that really stands-out like (much like Kip Berman’s dashing stripey jumper), with the delicate nostalgic-guitar solo kicking-in with splendid finesse a minute from the end. The infinitely smiley Peggy is an indicator of a band comfortable in their own skin whilst appreciating the warmth of the crowd, for those able to see that is. Though the crowd is treated to a series of oddly placed TV screens in the venue, that are so low quality it makes it look like they’re on Top of The Pops circa 1982. And then beamed-back from the moon. A couple of new track are thrown in, including the aptly named Heaven's Gonna Happen Now which does sound promising and bodes well for future releases, before ending on the shoegaze-smooth Gentle Sons faster than you can say Just Like Honey. A great gem of a set all-in-all and also done by 10pm such is Heaven’s curfew, pleasing the twee-old-man inside of all of us. Two minutes in Heaven is better than one minute in Heaven as the old Flight of the Conchords lyric goes.