Label: Fortuna Pop Release date: 05/06/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon Despite possessing the kind of name My Chemical Romance fans would sneer at for being too emo (and having a single called 'Say No To Love' doesn't help), first impressions can be deceiving. New York indie-poppers The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart play the kind of summery pop that recalls all the great US indie bands of the mid 90's. Listening to 'Say No To Love' reminded me of listening to the Posies, and it successfully pulls off the same tricks as the best of their work, taking lyrics of lost love and despair and sugar-coating them in honey-dripped vocals and insistent, jangling guitars that sneak into your brain and stay there. In the dying minutes, the song shifts gear, hitting a new level of urgency as singer Kip Berman repeats the refrain "When everything he says is wrong and all you want to feel is gone, go on", a gloriously bittersweet sentiment that succinctly sums up the whole song. B-side 'Lost Saint' is another fine piece of pop music that wouldn't sound out of place on a Fountains of Wayne album, and is possibly even catchier than the lead track. You’d be hard pushed to describe either song as being essential, but now that summer is finally rearing its head, the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart could well be the perfect band for the season. Photobucket