Label: Shifty Disco Release Date: 09/03/09 Link:

The Race are yet another band that could fall fowl of bad press releases because frankly who in their right mind would want to be lumped in with the likes of Razorlight? (Thanks NME). Please get rid of that quote right now. Please.

This band borrow most of their sound from the likes of Interpol, The National, a less complex Arcade Fire and the boy/girl vocals of Fields; rather than the drivel of the band fronted by the horse face guy. It's unashamedly indie but with enough pop hooks, giant riffs and anthemic lyrics to satisfy the coldest of hearts.

The first single to be taken from the album is the rather fantastic 'I Get It Wrong'. It's probably the best representation of what this band do. It's dirty, got a chorus the size of everest and showcases the great pop lyrics they posess. The great work shown on this song carries on to the next song, 'Rude Boy', which is the second single from the album. It's not quite as strong as 'I Get It Wrong' but it's good enough to piss over most songs i've heard recently.

The album's mood soon shifts as 'Moorwood' enters my headphones. It's a slighlty more ethereal number to begin with as guitarist Jessica Del Rio steps forward to share a spot in the vocal limelight but soon it erupts into a chorus Mew would be proud of. As much as I like Dan Buchanan's vocals, I honestly feel that they should use Jessica's vocals more; especially when they create songs as beautiful as this; but saying that, he certianly packs a punch in the beauty stakes with lyrics like "I long to see you happy in youself/not chewing on your fingernails...I love you, why would that ever change? You're here on my thoughts today" that feature on 'Undecided'.

Unfortunately, with the exception of songs like 'Gloves', the album soon starts to lose a lot of the rhythm and focus the first few songs posessed, which is a shame really.

When I read up about the band I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would have enjoyed the album as much as I did but for some reason It pulled me in, an now I feel this odd sort of connection to it and thats got to be a good thing.

Rating: 7.5/10