Release Date: 30th March 2009 Label: Fat Cat Records Website: From the commencement of You Decide I felt a deep and instant un-satisfaction with the vibrations my ears were feeling. Doll Queue, the first track on the album, sounds reminiscent of that old skool ska sound of Madness with punk flairs the likes the Buzzcocks would abscond, but just falling short of ska and holding back on the punk element whilst keeping the cheeky cockney accent over a semi-adequate indie-rock/reggae off beat, overtly cockney, which I have never been a fan of unless in an old skool ska kinda way. But! But! Continuing my journey through this album, the sheer amount of styles these guys entwine together, and the truth that their probable worst song landed the premier spot on the album, You Decide actually caught my attention more so than my previous thoughts would have theorised. With songs like Stereotypes and Even No One Can Be Someone, their aptitude at blending said musical genres together become apparent; forming some very good, eclectic musical offerings, coupled with lyrics enthused with social commentary, a great coupling in my opinion. As the half way mark comes and goes, The Rank Deluxe’ punkier origins begin to become apparent with the likes of Innocent and especially Save It For Tomorrow, being their heaviest track and one I envision would be extremely powerful live. We are then introduced to Pleasure, which, in what seems to be true Rank Deluxe fashion, sounds rather very different and faintly King’s Of Leon esq. in parts but of a softer tone and undertonally mildly reggae. The album continues to a close with another selection of heavy punk/indie-rock offerings with a bonus, hidden instrumental song at the end of the final track Rock 'n' Roll Machine. Certainly not the best album you will hear, but a very virtuous effort indeed. It never became boring and mundane but constantly emerged new sounds and feels, keeping my ears very interested and my fingers tapping away. Rating: 6.5/10