Label: Fierce Panda Release date: 5th October Website: Raveonettes on Myspace “Bang! You’re so vicious baby!” A twee, americana-tinged fucked up Beach Boy Buddy Holly meltdown opens In and Out of Control, 4th studio album by slightly bizarre surf-rockers The Raveonettes. It’s done in the only way two Danish ex-pats now living in LA (‘baby!’) know how; cute, dark, and very stylishly. The album at an aural glance is a fuzzy, saccharine collection of perverse pop gems. Songs written by guitarist Sune Rose Wagner and singer and multi-instrumentalist Sharin Foo such as Boys Who Rape (Should Be Destroyed) are hilarious juxtapositions of catchy melodies and sinister subjects. On closer inspection, such a theme is not isolated, with track titles ranging from the ambiguous Bang! to the morose Gone Forever through to cheerful ditties such as Heart of Stone and the delightful Oh, I Buried you today. Not to labour the point but Suicide, D.R.U.G.S and Break Up Girls! are also verging on jaunty when they should be straight up depressing. The fact that this album is so constantly dour thematically yet so whimsical and catchy is frankly awesome. Whilst none of the 11 tracks bomb, the latter ones occasionally give in to tired tropes and rely too much on the classic Lou Reed mode rock ‘n’ roll that the scandi duo are such self-proclaimed devotees to. This is a shallow criticism though, for in channeling such sounds doesBreaking Into Cars become one of the most memorable riffs of the album. The Raveonettes might prove a little too jarring for some, but ultimately this album is a fantastic fusion and wonderfully irreverent without sacrificing song structure dynamics or melody. In and out of control it may well be, but it definitely never fluctuates far from greatness. Rating: 8.2/10