First up on this wet evening was UK newbies, Giana Factory. A three piece, Copenhagen based band with Sharin Foo’s sister, Loui, as singer, they played an excellent set of atmospheric, electro-pop goodness. Coming across as the sort of band that would not look out of place in Weimar Berlin, the vocal melodies and guitar playing was exemplary, and the songs catchy. Already a ‘name’ in their native country, expect them to make waves in this country very soon as well.

Next up, the long running band SCUM. Featuring Sam 7, who previously ran the underage scene, these guys have grown in the last few years from Horrors wannabes into a more interesting and tuneful proposition. With the feedback still intact in some places, they played a tuneful and exciting set, and left this writer wanting to see more of them at some point.

And then finally, we had the main event. The mighty Raveonettes, promoting their newest album 'Raven in the Grave', played an ultra-loud, feedback full set of old and future favourites, all with two drummers and Sharin’s always great harmonic vocals. ‘War in Heaven’ and ‘My Time’s Up’ from the new album stood out the most, with older favourites like ‘Dead Sound’ and ‘Attack of the Ghost Riders’ getting the crowd going. Despite the unfortunate decision not too play ‘Great Love Sound’, this was a very good set from a very unappreciated and underrated band. Much better than later adherents to their sound like Glasvegas, it is hoped that they do not remain stuck in relatively small venues such as the Islington Academy for much longer.