If you were to look at the wall of posters in the Miller, London's improv comedy hub, you might spot a promo for one of the RH Experience's many events that they stage at the pub, still showing off a 405 quote from many years ago that states: "These pioneers of tomfoolery make us laugh to the point of exhaustion." And my, how they've kept that quote fresh since it was first written.

After many live shows and collaborations that have harnessed the 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' formula of widely used improv games, RH have finally put their own stamp on this largely subscribed, albeit unpredictably fun format of comedy. Stuck! is a performance that always follows the pattern of three separate characters getting 'stuck' in a lift together. These characters are now forced to socialise and swap life stories with each other. Each story becomes a new scene, the start and end of which is dictated by the control of the lighting. One character might mention that he once took the queen out to dine at Nandos, and suddenly the room goes pitch black; when the lights come back on, we do indeed get to see the queen on a date at Nandos, only for the scene to end in an ugly confrontation between her new lover and Prince Philip.

The most recent performance of Stuck!, at the Leicester Square Theatre, really showed off the RH Experience's talent for engaging in a problem that occurs for most actors, comedians and performance artists: working with a passive audience. To get the ball rolling on the show, the performers need contributions from their audience to give them their subject matters (job occupations, travel destinations etc.), with which they can create funny scenarios on the spot. In most cases, the more random suggestions from the audience produce the more hilarious scenes. This time round however, when the RH guys asked the crowd to name a small-sized object for them, the only response was "wooden tile". How on earth, one would ask, can you make a decent joke about a "wooden tile?". Well, quite simply, a character was created in the form of a man who has a slightly unhealthy obsession with collecting tiles. A scene ensued where the man lives in his house of tiles, with his tile bed, his pet tile, his baby tile, and his poor wife who just can't take the tiles anymore. To his credit, he does try to comfort her with a cup of tile.

The laughs that this catalysed were enough to suffocate a viewer, and I think it's because the surreality of living a life dominated by tiles was taken further and further until everyone was using the word, 'tile', like the Smurfs use the word, 'smurf'. For the rest of the show, whenever that word was slipped, the audience would laugh without fail. That's the RH Experience everyone, they make the word, 'tile', funny. And for the rest of the show they continued to create more brilliant characters and scenes. That example of the queen in Nandos that I mentioned earlier wasn't made up either. If you want to see a unique take on a much loved form of comedy, then go and see Stuck! the next chance you get.

News and info on future shows can be found here.