Label - 679 Release date - 06.04.09 Link - Myspace here Ah The Rifles, loved by few, hated by many, thought to be utterly average by most.  Catchy Indie-Rock is my bag and I have a soft spot for them.  2006’s debut album No Love Lost had some top quality moments (see Local boy and Peace and quiet), this years follow up Great Escape is very much more of the same. This single is indicative of the bands musical direction, i.e the same as it’s always been.  Quick fire bmm shh bmm shh drums and carefree Ocean Colour Scene string licks are the order of the day and it’s a nice tune.  ‘Nice’ being the most appropriate adjective here.  The chorus chirps away with the apparently crazy in love Joel Stoker gushing ‘Why we have to fall apart and go around again, I don’t know where to start, because we never end, we could be the Romeo & Julie of our time’.  Ok so sickeningly soppy would have been another description I could have offered. It’s guitar rock for beginners, so if you’re a 13 year old becoming to grow tiresome of the mind numbing crazy frog inspired house ‘music’ currently swamping your collection and are looking to investigate this ‘Indie’ thing you’ve heard so much about then step right up. ‘All we think about is that some day we might, have more to think about and less time to decide’ chirps Mr Stoker and therein lies the problem.  There are hundreds of bands far more interesting than The Rifles and in this day and age of our demands for instant access and quick satisfaction from the wealth of downloads we regularly consume, the Rifles just aren’t doing enough to hold our attention.  Unless of course you’ve just invested in the new N-Dubz album in which case save yourself and listen to this! The Rifles then, not bad enough to turn the weapon on yourself but these days sounding like more of a spud gun. Ps – Had already written this review before I realised it was a double A side.  Whoops.  The other track ‘The General’ is an ode to Mike Tyson who apparently used to ‘rumble like a hurricane’. It’s not bad but essentially very 2006 and consequently sounds annoying and outdated.