A listen to The Moonlight Butterfly is a rather pleasant way to while away some 30 minutes. The six track mini album from The Sea and Cake sits as intermediary before the release of a full length album in late 2011/early 2012. The ninth studio release from an obviously well established mature group maintains the core elements which The Sea and Cake have come to embody, alongside a more experimental approach to texture and structure.

Lengthy melodically progressions rid the album of a concentration upon lyrical content; ‘The Moonlight Butterfly’ as well as others, is centred more upon creating a buzzing atmosphere of multi-layered bursts of sound, mimicking the sporadic flight of the butterfly it is named after. Other stand out tracks include: ‘Inn Keeping’ and ‘Covers’.

What The Sea and Cake do successful is in establishing a great energy and excitement in the overall listen of the album, which feels tight and cohesive and gives great promise to the eagerly awaited full length release in the future.