You know summers round the corner when: you mow the lawn for the first time in the year (tick), washing can be hung out to dry and actually dries (tick), and live music takes place outdoors (Now tick). For The Slow Club helped launched the start of Bandstand Busking, a free event to be held on the first Sunday of every month in Northampton Square, Islington. A glorious spring day was befitting for the occasion, the gentle folky sound of The Slow Club suited to an acoustic set in the sun. Surrounded by cooing picnic-ers lounging on the green on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the duo enchanted all with a set of four songs for the audience and camera crew present, plus bonus festive single track Christmas TV. Summer Shakedown particularly emits warmth, this warmth reciprocated by the crowd as Charles and Rebecca relax in good company. Yup, twee, quirky and all those clichés, yet perfect. Though they missed a trick in not playing B-side Sunday.

Theoretical Girl, normally a solo artist but supported by a couple of string players on this occasion. A cauldron of goth-folk-pop would be a good starting point to describe them, but don’t let that description out you off. I Should Have Loved You More screams empathy, with a voice that makes your knees melt deep into the soft turf. Intimate, idiosyncratic songs from both artists in an intimate, idiosyncratic setting. Genuinely a lovely way to spend an hour of you’re Sunday afternoon; get over your hangover and get out there next time.