The Slytones are a bit of a mystery on first listen. The EP on show here The Psychedelic Sounds Of asks the question "Is this an audio mess of influences? Or simply a well orchestrated racket?" The songs display influences from bands such as The Sonics, The Stooges and even The Mothers of Invention. Although they probably won't thank me, I can also hear The Zutons buried in the mix. Vocals range from full on Sky Saxon howlin' blues to more introspective Syd Barrett territories, which is an area that brings some of the more interesting results from the band, and separates them from the other similar "psych" bands out there.

The songs are the meat of the matter and and I can say that, despite being fun and listenable, here seems to be a lack of sincerity in any of the final results; almost the equivalent of running your Jaguar on cherry cola. The album starts with 'Goldie Locks' which is probably the strongest track here, and one that will easily crossover into the mainstream playlists; it ticks all the boxes and doesn't overstay it's welcome.

Other songs here mix various styles/genres, but with awkward time signatures, leading to possible back sprains and twisted ankles from the dance floor if you tried to drop one of them in a set while dj'ing. 'This Female for Retail' with its Amy Winehouse name drop and refrain perks up the listeners ears, but I would say it's mainly just due to the novelty value of the song rather than any actual 5 star status.

The execution throughout the record is actually very high, with intricate percussion and spidery guitar melodies are interspersed with Doors like keys and organs threading it all together, and presenting it as a good catalyst for the crooning vocals. The Slytones will be no doubt touring this record in the up coming summer months, and I for one will be checking them out as the precise and restrained play here leads me to believe, that like race horses stuck in the paddocks, their inner freak flag is begging to be let out.