Label: Divided Lodon Release Date: 16/02/2009 Link: Before putting on  ‘A Call To Arms’ you read about vocal comparisons to Ian Curtis and Morrissey. You hear of the distinct style combining a ‘British attitude to song making’ with ‘bollocking rocking brilliance.’ An image of a band that cannot exist is created - however once you hit play it feels as though half our body is transported to the 80s during the height on post-punk-mania, whilst the other alf sits waiting in the noughties amidst the ashes of what once was the innovative UK indie scene. So it’s true then, you instantly know, this band is everything it says on the packet.. 80s guitars mixed with Ian Curtis-esque vocals and aromatic lyrics. The instant-classic nature of leading single ‘The Fallen’ delivers on every level and cements the bands position as ‘movement creating’ Brit-rockers. At a time when post-punk revival has effectively become monotonous pop, bands like The Social are re-innovating the indie scene, pushing boundaries that haven’t been touched since the emergence of The Libertines - whether they move and others follow is yet to be seen. ‘UK Gothic’ takes a political stance missing in today’s un filled mainstream, vocalist Laurence Hussey stressing; “Bastion of middle England/Bastard child of Thatcherism,” the slower tone contrasiting with the upbeat ‘To The Bone.’ The juxtaposition bringsout the bands musical versitality, though the lyrics remain politically-based; “The national treasure in red and white” - the Orwellian influence is evident. ‘Under Grey English Skies’ takes us to the 80s again, this time with Jam-esque guitars. The varying changes in tempo and lyrics; “I’ll bring the fight to you” provide a riot anthem feel similar to the infamous’Eton Riffles.’ The musical brilliance justifies the supporting slots the band won for Babyshambles, The Rakes and The Paddingtons. Upcoming live shows include a slot at the Enterprise in Chalk Farm on 26th November, followed by a show at cafe 1001 on 16th December. Final track Hugo is suitably slow to give a sense of closure to the brilliant EP. Overall, the North London rockers are amongst the many bands looking to reassemble the ‘broken indie scene,’ and if ‘A Call To Arms’ is anything to go by, The Social are succeeding. This band are here to stay and their rise up the indie ladder is imminent after this breathtaking debut.