The Sons(s) are an enigmatic folk band whose origin and members are shrouded in mystery. Little is known about the band, but the story goes that there were three members, or Son(s), who went their own separate ways: one who made a fortune in the movies, one who lived in a small commune in Oxford and one of which went to Scotland to record the songs we hear on their self-titled debut album.

With little back story to go on, the music speaks for itself. The Son(s) combine smooth textured vocals, beautiful arrangements and gently plucked guitars to create hazy west coast sounds.

The album gets under way with the defiant jutting guitars and carefree attitude of 'Dogs, Boys and Men,' however this is about as assertive as The Son(s) get as the rest of the album drifts along in a dreamy blissful state. Recent single 'Radar' is a stand out track, heralding the last remaining Son(s) return with its lushly textured vocals and gently picked guitar riffs. 'Radar' is evocative of the beautifully intimate recordings that are in abundance throughout the work. Evident throughout is The Son(s) strong storytelling, which seamlessly blends the work into a coherent whole. Each individual track has its own merits, but also works in sync with everything that comes before and after to create a wonderfully balanced work. Final track 'Mars Just Plied Her With Gin' plays with a hypnotic harmony, as the album drifts off into peaceful contentment as the world passes by.

This is a strong debut offering. Little may be known about the band, but their music is more than good enough to stand for itself.