Swedish electronic duo The Sound Of Arrows landed with pomp and grandeur in 2009 – although, many will struggle to remember them at all, leaving as quick as they arrived. Quite why it has taken Oskar and Stefan two years to release their debut full length is anyone’s guess.

The release of Voyage follows a time in which they had the blogosphere falling at their feet, their music likened to fairytales and glitter cannons. Treated much like the arrival of the millennium, a short teaser video was released which is either extremely arrogant or highly deserved; followed by the release of epic like artwork conjuring glitz and glamour – I just hope the record fulfils expectations.

Lead track, 2009 release ‘Into The Clouds’ is akin to watching Blade Runner or the recent remake of Tron with its dose of pure synth-pop, seen as an ideal start to a night out or even an energetic night in. ‘Wonders’ carries the baton further with its top down, city lights like atmosphere. ‘Magic’, the best track on this record throbs incessantly with its Euro disco beats and synths. But, with lyrics that are not of memorable quality and sounding far too much like the Pet Shop Boys it does have its bad points.

Things get a little better on ‘Conquest’, getting heads moving, and see the pair finally use the weapons in their arsenal to good effect. ‘Nova’ too will be a delight to many with its pulsating, jump in the air moments. Closing with ‘Lost City’ utilising the melody found on ‘Into The Clouds’ before kicking into something destined to soundtrack the end credits of the next retro remake.

With the time taken to release this debut, I can’t help but feel that they’ve missed their take off slot; and with a sound too over reliant on repetitive European beats and a huge bearing on the duos own influences, it is hard to see how they will progress in the future. While the material making up this record may make your heart beat faster; the rhythms, moments of synth and almost everything else are highly predictable. Showing a lack of imagination, and if I’m being honest much of this record is unnecessary.

For all its grandeur and an over usage of the word ‘epic’, Voyage has fallen rather flat. Those glitter cannons might just be staying in the cupboard this time round.