Label: Melodic Release date: 02/08/10 Link: Official Site Buy: Amazon Celeste, the new album by The Soundcarriers, is a mix of folk and psychedelic influences that will move you on a brisk whirl of noise and trippy voices. It's an automatic throwback to an era old gone, captured almost verbatim. Which sort of presents a slight probelm: on one side, recreating the sound of an era is a pretty hard task to accomplish, and to pull it off like The Soundcarriers< do on this album is no cakewalk. Conversely, by doing that, they might lose some points in originality, but make up in the sound department. The latter part of this problem could be thought as a moot point (at least to my tastes), as they do sound like something that has been done before, but that's how music has always been done: a collection of notes strung together. And at that, The Soundcarriers deliver the goods. Why? Because in between those traces of old school psychedelic folk, there's some great experimentation that makes it memorable. The album opener, 'The last broadcast' is the one track that really pulls it off. It pumps around, flashing a thumping drone, where a pair of haunting voices took turns with some noise-like atmospheres. You'll find that strategy a lot in Celeste. 'Long highway' is a great track. Chilled out with some sort of extended jazz outro that really floats the boat of anyone who enjoys all that 70’s stuff that's been doing the rounds in some quarters. Cherry on top for me? 'Celeste', the album closer. It's bombastic enough to be the classy ending for this collection of tracks, with some weird experimentation (think the BBC Radiophonic short-circuiting). At 14 minutes (there's an extra track after some silence), it's a perfect closer and the embodiment of an era of musical experimentation that yielded some great stuff. Celeste is in general is a good mix of pacey and chilled material. Whether you want to just listen to what old school music would sound through today's equipment or just want to get a different sound from the current barrage of indie, this is a good way to branch out. Hey, on the road you might find some other bands and maybe you'll dig them too. And if you want to complete the whole retro feeling, Celeste is available on vinyl too, so the crackle and hiss can join you in your journey through the music of The Soundcarriers. Photobucket