Label: Cargo Records (UK), Carrot Top Records (US) Release Date: Out Now! Website: Buy: Amazon Raphael and Rodrigo Carvalho are two brothers who are originally from Brazil but have settled in the indie-rock scene of Brooklyn, NY. Now, I wish I could say that they lived up to my expectations seeing that they're part of the Brooklyn indie band scene, however their debut album Freestyle Family was (i'm being nice here) a mediocre bust. There were no tracks that were distinctly memorable and the album leaves you with a feeling of relief now that it's over. But generally speaking, "Freestyle Family" is not a terrible album per se. It just gets by as an average rock album. And why just an average album? ... Well, what first came to mind was that their music is just OK. It's standard, lackluster, forgettable, no great shakes, plain-vanilla, comme ci comme ca...nothing out of the ordinary. It's that kind of album where you're sitting in a cafe or restaurant where its nice to have "nice" music playing in the background, but you don't really care who the band is. Another is that the album lacks a great deal of real passion. I found it to be bereft of creativity, energy, and excitement. The assortment of musical colour and instrumentation aren't there and it all pretty much flat-lined by the second song, which basically sounded like a duplicate of the first track with one or two variations. Song after song you anticipate for something big to happen, however it never comes. Making a connection with their music turns out to be a one heck of a struggle, really! Its conventional guitar and drum sounds were rather too bland for my liking and wasn't enough to get me hooked. That's all. So overall, The Soundscapes aren't blood-coming-out-of-your-ears terrible. They most definitely have the potential to become one of those stellar Brooklyn bands, but right now they have a lot to live up to. The Soundscapes need something extra, something beyond conventionality to help them create an album that stands out and begs to be heard. So yes, although they seem to be stuck in the middle of the road, I do have my fingers crossed that they will find something innovative in the near future and pull something great out from their sleeves! Rate: 5/10