Label: The Strange Death Of Liberal England Release date: 23/08/2010 Website: Myspace Portsmouth’s adventurers The Strange Death Of Liberal England are one of the most under-rated bands that the UK has to offer. The five piece who formed in 2005 have had a steady but natural growth since birth. Their sound is full of many different influences that somehow fit together perfectly, it shouldn’t work, but it does. After 2007’s critically acclaimed ‘Forward March’ EP the band picked up a fan-base but struggled to take the next step. Often compared to Arcade Fire the band have now emerged with their own sound for this new single, ‘Rising Sea’, taken from their yet-to-be-named forthcoming album. Their live shows have always been epic but I’m sure they have learnt a lot since a recent support slot to the Editors. The single still has The Strange Death Of Liberal England sound but it feels more complete with a more dominant female backing vocal and a brass section. The chaos of the song still brings comparisons of Arcade Fire but with a British charm. ‘Rising Sea’ is backed with a more laid ‘Winter’ which has the gloom of The National mixed with a folk energy. The band might be ready to step-up and be counted now. Photobucket