Label: Infectious Release date: 10/08/09 Website: The Temper Trap - Conditions This Australian four-piece are steadily going from strength to strength: on the back of this, their debut album, they start a tour of Britain next month with Reading and Leeds festival. 'Conditions' contains excellent, evocative noise-making, but what is most surprising and capturing is the album's overall variety. Second single 'Sweet Disposition' encompasses thudding, rolling drums, which strongly support flickering subtle guitar, touching lyrics, and soaring harmonies. Vocals are reminiscent of the Arcade Fire at times, and there is a similar touching sense of whimsy and meringue-like lightness. This is countered by tart raspberry guitar tones in tracks such as 'Science of Fear', their first single, or a hefty dose of frothy cream in the immediately sing-along-able 'Fader'. It's not all confection either: 'Soldier On' soulfully pulls your heart out of your ribcage. In fact every song offers something different, and this stymieing of genre is a large part of their growing popularity. And of course the album is all the better for it: each time a different track will come to the fore and strike you as your favourite, and with each re-listen your favourite will become something else. Lead Dougy's vocals are startling and clear, and combined with the flickering and bubbly guitar, there is a vitality and innocence to the songwriting which compellingly reminds you of childhood. Sadly there is one track which, to me, sounds disturbingly like the BeeGees, however I will leave that to personal opinion. Their Myspace states that their sound is intended “to express the delight, the grief, the beauty and the pain, and in the process maybe dance a little.” Whether this mission is accomplished, only time will tell, however it's an amazing debut for a band only just beginning to receive the attention they deserve. Rating: 8/10