The weather lately has been a bit on the harsh side, sure the snow was beautiful for a bit but when that beauty turned to dangerous sludgy ice, I think everybody had enough of it. Yesterday it was time for good old rain to make a comeback, it poured and poured all day long, the day seemed forever stuck in that winter 4.20pm slot, not good. Especially bad if, like me, you hadn't slept for over 24 hours and you spent the whole day traveling around with a bad foot. I got home and all I wanted to do was go to bed but I just had this feeling I'd regret it if I didn't go and see The Thermals; after all, you're only young once, in 10/20 years I probably won't even be able to make this kind of body-torturing decision for myself. This gig was sold out, and it seemed pretty much nobody ditched their ticket because of the rain, the place was packed out with wet indie kids, I certainly didn't feel like this gig was going to be particularly memorable, given the atmosphere. 4 or 5 Magicians opened the support slots, they seemed enthusiastic enough, however I found them to be a fairly dull and watered down version of Art Brut/Los Campesinos! Up next were Calories, a noise-rock band from Birmingham, I'd heard a lot about these guys, so I was definitely intrigued. Technical problems disrupted their set but they still showed a fair amount of charisma in their performance; I wasn't completely overwhelmed but they were working a tough crowd that night. When The Thermals took to the stage, the place looked busier but not any livelier, I expected things to remain that way but it wasn't long before everybody was really into it. Lots of new songs were played, my first impression on these is that they're delivering more of the same Thermals good-stuff, although I would argue that the new material is slightly less garage-rock orientated and now has a slightly poppier feel to it. Don't expect anything too radical from that, though. Old songs played during the second half of the set really got the crowd moving, 'Here's Your Future' and 'St. Rosa' both invoked jumping, dancing and a crowd sing-along, the likes of which I haven't been witness to since Be Your Own Pet's final show last year. They ended on sort-of hit-single 'Pillar of Salt' and that went down very, very well. Sadly, though, the encore didn't come, despite much clapping and cheering. So, despite being incredibly sleep-deprived, wet, and generally pissed off - I had a really good time. The Lexington never fails to deliver, I don't know what it is about that venue but something magical always seems to happen there. Of course what happened there was The Thermals, so they deserve most of the credit.