Label: None Link: I've said it many times before and no doubt I'll say it again many more, I'm an absolute sucker for well crafted pop music and especially pop music with boy/girl vocals. With that said i'm happy to talk about the latest release from the unsigned London beauties Tinpots and their album Softhead. The opener 'Softhead' is just one of the songs that it's impossible to listen to without the end result being an achey face fro smiling ridiculously. The vocals and trumpets combine perfectly together to create a wonderfully twee song. That song featured only the female vocals of the band whereas track two 'Take Them In' brings in some of the bands male vocals which together work really well. That's not say songs that seem to feature one voice more prominently like 'Gunfire' and 'Sit On The Hill' work less well but what I really like about these guys is that group vocal dynamic which really adds to the prettiness of the whole thing.  They almost sound a bit like Belle and Sebastian at times with the instrumentation, namely the trumpet, which has to be a good thing!  Sometimes when I listen to good bands I can imagine myself sitting in a field with my friends at a festival watching them play and I totally get that same feeling with this band. With the Tinpots I can imagine them playing the lake stage at Latitude or some quirky cafe at Glastonbury and I guess that's got to mean something. If someone doesn't sign you I'm gonna make a record label and sign you myself. Rating: 7/10