Label: Touch & Go Release date: 06/10/08 Link: With the amount of promo’s we get sent on a daily basis it’s often a skill in itself to try and not kill yourself when you read a press release because often labels/pr people will bend the truth in order to get you to listen to their band. This is fair enough I guess but on the odd occasion they won’t lie at all because, put quite simply, they won’t need to. I applaud Quarterstick / Touch & Go Records for being honest with this one because there is absolutely nothing pretentious about this band or this self-titled release, which makes it easier for me to fall in love with it. It’s so summery and gorgeous that it actually makes me sad we’re entering a new season, which is all the more poignant when you consider autumn happens to be my favourite season.  It’s unashamedly American in the sense that I can’t imagine any other country could produce this sort of shimmery indie music. Track four ‘…And We Became Sunshine’ is probably the prime example of that, not only for the title but the music itself. It’s full of massive pop riffs with the magnificently massive drum and pianos drifting in and out to create an almost dream like affair, which continues on throughout the rest of the album.  I couldn’t help but feel that at times they sound an awful lot like Parachutes era Coldplay on tracks like ‘Everyone Now Has A Smile’. I think this could be contributed to the prominence of the piano more than anything but it’s definitely there. But anyway, like the band itself, I’m going to keep this review as unpretentious as possible and get right down to business. It’s a joy. An absolute, 100% joy to listen to. It’s just great indie/pop/alternative music but with enough intelligence to keep you interested for the entire record. All I know is that at no point did I want to skip a track and for me that’s a rarity.  Do whatever you can to listen to this. Rating: 8.5/10