Label: Sonic Fire Records Release Date: 12/10/09 Website: Official Website If you're looking for a deep, thought-provoking listen, this double A-side from The Unkindness of Ravens is not going to satisfy you. The first thing that passes through your head as the drum machine on 'Accelerator' comes in, followed by a dirty bassline, is 'dancefloor'. It's made for the indie clubs, with just about enough raw guitar to be undismissable as bad pop, and enough of a repetitive trance beat to keep you on your feet. I can see why people would like this track - it uses the gorgeous distorted bass sound that livens up any boring music, and it's well-sung, strong female voice half-moaning, half-singing over dark male backing vocals. You could dance to it. What I don't see is how it could have any appeal outside a club, typical 'I'm hot for it' lyrics repeated over a two chord background and the soullessness of drum machine. Was I mistaken in thinking a double A-side was meant to have two single-worthy tracks on it? The second track, 'Yours Forever But Not To Hold', is definitely the weaker of the two tracks, to the point of being completely boring before thirty seconds in (and not getting better). The expected drum track comes in, preceeding a dull guitar riff and then vocals em-bland-ened by heavy echo. It seems to be an attempt at a more sensitive song, but it doesn't sound tender enough to be meant. By all means listen out for The Unkindness of Ravens if you want a good time on a night out, but...y'know. Don't buy it. That would encourage them. Rating: 4/10