Label: The Playground Records Release date: 15/11/10 Link: Official Site Double A-side 'Lovely Bones/Joy' is the latest release from garage-rock blues band The Volitains, a following on from the success of debut single ‘Underground’. More poised, composed and perhaps less raw (whether that‘s a good or a bad thing remains to be seen) than previous efforts, 'Lovely Bones/Joy' represents a more soulful change of sound. Picture a mixture of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Be Your Own Pet and The Kills and you have a pretty good idea of what this band sounds like. And what makes this latest release particularly good is the fact that although 'Lovely Bones/Joy' is a demonstration of a much more mature sound, it still feels as fresh and dynamic as anything. I’m not interested in getting into a debate about the garage or underground credentials of this band, that’s for others, but if you just focus on the music itself you realise what a cracking record this band have made. ‘Lovely Bones’ itself is a slow, windy number that snakes along with minimal instrumental interference and generally lead by the haunting (and also outstanding) vocals of Candice Ayrey until the chorus where the guitars explode into life; whereas ‘Joy’ has a much more traditional noisy garage-punk sound, with a very simple song structure, variety only coming in terms of noise levels going up and down. ‘Lovely Bones’ is the better-written of the two songs, but there will be people who say it’s too overproduced and isn’t raw enough. That’s just rubbish - you can hear the distortions of the amplifiers and everything – it’s just a really well written punk record. The Volitains clearly have a very uncomplicated attitude towards music. But what makes this a noteworthy release is the fact that they’ve combined this simple approach to songwriting with bags of ‘give a shit’ attitude and it just feels incredibly authentic. They say they’re a band dedicated to live shows more than recording EPs and albums, but in the case of 'Lovely Bones/Joy', theirs is a sound that can definitely transfer to hard copy. Next stop – see them live. Photobucket