Buy: Amazon The Voluntary Butler is without doubt one of the kookiest, quirkiest one man band you will ever come across. But it is utterly brilliant. Tabasco Sole, his new single, is a priceless chunk of fun indepop. With lyrics that will make you laugh as much as sing along and a question answer melody line ,it's impossible not to like it. He toes the line between witty and clever and just downright stupidly random perfectly, it comes together into something memorable. The Voluntary Butler Scheme's Rob Jones is even quoted as saying “I'm not trying to make it dumb...but stuff feels much more honest when it's simple.” The couplet lines such as “Put the dog outside/Put the devil in the oven on high” and “If you ever start to feel square/Wear a De La Soul t-shirt once in a while to feel more hip-hop than you are” combined with hook filled pop makes for some unbelievably catchy results. It may not be the most impressive or important song you'll ever hear, but for a quick stop off at catchy pop you could do much worse. You'll be whistling along with Tabasco Sole in no time, and be left feeling weirdly satisfied and a lot happier than before.