Label: XL Release date: 15/03/10 Website: Official Website The White Stripes first ever live album showcases Jack and Meg White’s impressive back catalogue of explosive and downright awesome tunes that makes you remember exactly why they’re as established as they are. Tracks which are now several years old such as ‘Black Math’ or ‘Seven Nation Army’ have lost none of their impact and are delivered with such explosive intensity that it’s near impossible to fall in love with the Stripes all over again. With some fantastic versions of classics such as a much subdued ‘Fell in Love With A Girl’ this is a real addition to any fans collection. With much of the material being taken from small gigs in Canada there’s a real sense of intimacy and interaction with a screaming and clearly enthralled audience which will have you wishing you could have been there to experience what clearly sounds like a fantastic performance. As always the manically captivating Jack White takes us on a journey of sheer devilish audible pleasure which is bound to have you ordering the accompanying live tour film of the same title in no time at all. The odd, quirky relationship between Jack and his Sister surfaces throughout but never stops the pair from delivering a tight, record perfect performance. If you like the White Stripes or ever have then there really is no question here, you should hear this album even if it’s just to hear Jack’s shrill screeches during ‘Blue Orchid’s chorus you wont find yourself disappointed. Photobucket